• Career & life milestone

    It has been so long since I last wrote something here :) There are so many changes within the last year. Let's see.

    • I left my second job at NYP (almost 5 years, painful but a necessary change to reach new height professionally)
    • I got married (last Sep). Yippie !!! No changes after marriage :)
    • I joined my new company (ViSenze)
    • Travelled to many countries within the last year (Japan, Korea , Maldives..)

    I have recently picked up my reading habits again. Set a reading challenge of 20 books this year and LOOK! I already completed 5...

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  • Life Update

    Ok so this year is gonna be a big big year, a personal milestone. I just came back from a week-long CNY holiday and met my gf's parents. This is to get permission to get married :) Things are going great yea :) I managed to talk to dad more this time and learnt a lot about the past. Finally, I had the answers to so many burning questions on why certain things happenned.

    Talked to mum also about my career and got some useful advices. I felt I need to be braver at this stage. It is now or never.

    Look forward to a challenging year with many...

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  • Yii2 and Postgresql

    This is a quick note about my favorite PHP framework (Yii2) which I used recently.

    Postgresql File Upload

    1.  // upload handling
    2.  // retrieve upload file if is a post
    3.  if($model->load(...))
    4.  {
    5.    $uploadFile = UploadedFile::getInstance($model, 'some_file');
    6.  }
    8.  if(validateSuccess)
    9.  {
    10.    // retrieve tmp file content and convert to hex to store into bytea
    11.    $model->byteaColumn = bin2hex( file_get_contents($uploadFile->tempName) ); 
    12.    ...
    13.    $model->save();
    14.  }

    Postgresql File Download Script

    1.  $response = \Yii::$app->response;
    2.  $response
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  • Jaded

    It has been a long time since I last wrote something. Let's see. Recently I re-contracted and upgraded my phone to iPhone 6s which felt really nice. I have always love Apple product. The new phone is giving me plenty of distractions. I just cannot stop downloading things and try them out. Have to delete Football Manager as I cannot stop playing. Also hooked with text based games such as Lifeline , 80 days. I then go and try Silent Age and download a bunch of old-school visual novels from Winter Wolves.

    Ok, come back to work. I felt so...

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  • Busy year

    It has been a long time since I last wrote something here ... Many things have happened yea..

    Let's see.. I have just paid the deposit/downpayment for my house few months back.. stressful and plenty of things to think about.. and also a lot of paperworks (which I hate)..

    This year I also got the chance to travel a little bit more. Next month, will be coming to Brazil for the competition.. :)

    Currently, I am a bit tied up with the project.. Android/iOS/Web all at the same time :) I am almost done with the iOS version.. Look at the speed.....

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