My movies list

I have been watching lots of movies recently :)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Average movie which tells a fantasy tale about famous American president (Abraham Lincoln ) as a vampire hunter. While the trailer looks very cool, the actual movie is not very action packed. I also feel it is not logical and it is too easy to defeat the vampires.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Great movie by Mel Gibson. Very good action/story line and superb acting by Gibson.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Good and cheerful movie for kids and adults :)

Men In Black 3

Average movies for Men in Black fans

Painted Skin 2

Decent movie with ok story line. I just watched it yesterday. It talked about demon fox trading skins with the princess. Some of the action effect is quite cool. But I feel the enemies are quite weak :)


Good movie which is full of suspense. The beginning of the movie is very interesting but the ending really sucks. At the end, there is still no answer as to why humans are created!

Sadako 3D

Lousy movie which tried to copy some from The Ring. It is not scary at all. The girl can easily defeat the ghost with her voice, huh?

The Dictator

Very funny movie :) Full of dirty jokes.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Better remake of Spider Man who is better looking and smarter.

The Vow

Average romantic movie.

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