HTML5 Presentation Frameworks

I believe that in the next 10 years, there will be a lot more progress and investments for the use of mobile technologies in education and healthcare. Working with students on a daily basis, I always feel the need to explore different/new areas which can make learning more fun and interesting.

Today, I just come across some HTML5 presentation frameworks which look impressive. With HTML5, we can access the presentations anytime anywhere on multiple devices (desktop and mobile). It is also easier to store this on some server and distribute them to students with minimal efforts. In addition, we are not forced to use propriety software such as Keynote, Powerpoint, iBook to create interactive presentations.

The most interesting frameworks in my opinion are:

The above 2 frameworks both use HTML5 and CSS3 very well to create amazing animations. I like the structured navigations in Reveal.js. We can move slides horizontally or vertically or jump into the "sub-slides". Impress.js obviously has been influenced by the commercial The animation is very impressive. However, I guess it can be harder to create the slides and students might get a bit confused. The teacher also needs to know HTML5/CSS3 coding very well :)

There are also some other simple ones like:

They are a bit plain, too simple and not as good looking though.

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