Busy week

I am quite busy this week as my students are going for CodeXtreme Competition. Today we attend the Mystery Challenge session which is one of the key requirements for the competition. So, we need to prepare a business plan and define a clear problem statement. I am quietly confident about 2 teams which I believe will have great chances of getting a prize. Also, there are only 52 teams this year. Greater chances! Last year there are 100+ teams.

I have also finalize the details for my sharing session presentation with Reveal.js. Unfortunately, I need to change the code for the Remote Presenter Control. I could not store the vertical and horizontal indexes as they does not take into account of the presentation fragments. As a result, all the down, right commands will trigger the next slide instead of next fragment. So I change my code to control the slide fragments also. I simply remove the storing of the last read slides.

Recently I also watched The Dark Night and Motorway. They are average. There is no interesting movies on this week yet.

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