Mini Break

Look forward to my short 2 weeks break. I have been watching plenty of movies lately:

  • Brave (very nice animation)
  • Total Recall (awesome action & fantasy movies with a good plot)
  • The Bourne Legacy (also a decent action show with non-existent plot)
  • SPEC: heaven (funny Jap movie)
  • Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World ( average romantic comedy show )

Just buy some new outfits at Iluma with Lut over weekend. We also ate at a horribly overpriced Thai restaurant (Nara something) in Far East Plaza. I think Vietnamese food is the best :) I only really like simple food like "thit kho" or "ca kho to" . Most of the Thai restaurants like Thai Porn at Bugis, Siam Kitchen, Thai Express, Sticky Rice have decent food but also are a bit pricy.

Have not really coded anything recently :)

My students are preparing for their final presentations. Hope that they do well :) I also just finished my first open source frameworks sharing at school last week. It did not go very well as I speak too fast :( I tried to squeeze in too many things without going into depth any of the covered technologies.

Look forward to my Langkawi trip next week. Then, I will attend the Codextreme 2012 awards ceremony. Hope my students can get into top 3! I will fly home after the good news hopefully :)

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