New School Semester

New school semester just starts. I am glad to see new students after the short term break. My final year students are just having their mid term presentation. It is my first time doing presentation with overseas students. It can be quite a challenge for both the students and teachers :)

I have some projects going on currently at work. I have learnt Windows 8 development with both Javascript and C#, XAML. Since I am a lot more experienced with HTML/CSS/Javascript, it found developing metro apps with Javascript much easier. However, C#,XAML way does give you more power and better support from Visual Studio. You can even preview the layouts and change it in different modes (snapped, filled, portrait). I only have issues with the XAML designer/ code editor which frequently hangs in Visual Studio for some reasons.

I watched only 1 movie recently after my girlfriend went back to Vietnam to visit her family. The movie name is "Looper". It told a time travel story which criminal organizations hires assassins (loopers) to kill targets by send them back to the past. It happens that the future self of an assassin comes back to the past to change the future. The story is really quite interesting :)

I was looking into web data extraction again recently. I was always impressed with the simplicity and elegance of Readability script which can extract the main content of the article. I also liked how Mobify can convert your website to mobile version. I see so many use cases which I want to crawl different web sites to get content and re-displays it for different purposes. During my Google search, I happened to find PhantomJS which is a headless Webkit with Javascript API. It basically allows you to manipulate the HTML of a web page and then take a screenshot. SO COOL!! I will take sometimes to play around with this.

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