Understand Simple & Effective Search Engine Optimizations

Recently, I have read about search engine optimizations. I am quite new to this game :) It is quite interesting. Previously I was only aware about on-site optimization techniques. Basically, we could optimize the followings for our website:

  1. Friendly URLs containing keywords
  2. Friendly HTML titles, meta tags, keywords & description
  3. Image "Alt" tag
  4. Hyperlink anchors to contain the keywords
  5. Include keywords in headers (h1, h2,h3)
  6. Do internal linking
  7. Have a proper sitemap.xml
  8. Put javascript in external files.

The more interesting aspect would be to optimize external linkings:

The more links you get from quality web sites, the better :) They are even more important than your URL which previously I thought is the most important

Also, I manage to take of the keywords research formula :

Keyword Effectiveness Index = Number of Searches / Number of search results

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