Farewell my zing

Just sent off my gf last Sunday to Australia. I was quite sad when saw her checking in and left for her flight. My eyes just teared up and I tried hard not to cry in the taxi.

Work has been busy lately. I have this new & interesting project that I need to develop both iPhone and Android versions by Jan. I am a lot more familiar with iOS now so need to devise a strategy to share code between the 2 versions. We probably can only share the business logic code and the sqlite database. The other thing that I can share for the UI is the web stuff (web view, CSS) which only make a very small portion of the app. I also need to supervise final year students and others for Microsoft competition. :)

Just watch this movie "Hotel Transylvania" today. It is a kiddy show and quite funny. Love the ending song:

You are my Zing

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