Android Quickform Engine

Just rewrite this small library to generate forms automatically on Android (my latest side project) :)

In future, probably, I will add more form elements and maybe more form data store to save to sqlite/memory instead of SharedPreferences.

Below is the github project:

Android Quickform

Some quick notes:

Android Quickform is a simple form generator for Android. This project is inspired by iOS QuickDialog form library.

To create a form, check the demo project for example. A form is made up of different sections which consists of different form elements.


  • HRootElement: This element represents a form
  • HSection: Represent a section in the form
  • HElement: an element in the form

Form Elements

  • HDatePickerElement: allow user to select date
  • HNumericElement: a textfield which only allow digits entered. The EditText has numeric keyboard
  • HPickerElement: allow user to select an item from single choice dialog
  • HTextAreaEntryElement: Mutiple-lines EditText
  • HTextEntryElement: Single line EditText
  • HTextElement: text (not tested)

Form Data Store

  • HPrefDataStore: allow auto-saving of form data to SharedPreferences

Form Base Activity

  • All screens to extend from HBaseFormActivity
  • Just need to override createRootElement() to create a root form element

Android Quickform

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