Long and wasted weekend

Time flew so fast. My short weekend is almost over. I have been playing the old games non-stop. There are 2 games that I never got tired of playing:

  • Heroes 3 of Might and Magic
  • Championship Manager

I just keep played them over and over again. I bought Football Manager for my iPhone. When I got too addicted, I made the painful decision of deleting the app off. So many fun hours until my eyes are just so tired and cannot take it anymore!

Just played Heroes again for the last 2 days. I spent the whole night (until 6am) and then ate only 1 pizza for 2 days :) Today, I tried very hard to shut down the computer and stop. Went for a walk for half an hour to regain my senses :) Tomorrow I need to wake up early for work.

Just watch 2 recent movies: "Cloud Atlas" and "The GrandMaster". "Cloud Atlas" is wonderful. It has a beautiful storyline. I am very disappointed with "Grandmaster" though. I thought it is an all action kungfu movie. However, it turned out to be an emotional one which Tony Leung (played the Ip Man role) clearly do not know how to fight. The movie is quite boring and not as good as the 2 "IP Man" movies. It is like a documentary. So disappointed :(

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