Sqlite DB Code generator for Android/iOS

Just finish writing this code generator to help me share code between Android & iOS. Whew! :)


The idea is to generate all the basic create/update/delete/retrieve operations to quickly get started. I generate my code which are actually simple wrappers to FMDB library for iOS and sqliteassethelper library for Android. This will help a lot for my future data-based projects :) I choose not to use any ORM solutions as although they are quite magical, they would be slower and also harder to debug.

In my recent project, I had to write some code to get data from web service and store in local DB which is extremely tedious when a table has like 15+ columns. Imagine writing something like this:

INSERT INTO xxx VALUES (? , ? , ? , ? , ?, ? , ? , ? , ? , ?)

and then pass the parameters.

Extremely Tedious! We also need to check the order of the parameter to make sure it is correct. I should have written this utility long ago.

The project is a simple web application written in Node.JS which is great for small projects :) I could have also written this as a standard desktop app. But writing in Node just feels cooler :))

OK. Look forward to my Bali holiday next month! Oh yea !!!!!!!!!!!!

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