Happy tutor/supervisor

The course feedback for the previous semester just released this week. A new batch of FYPJ students is coming in. In this period, I am coaching 3 groups of students who happen to use totally different technologies:

  1. Wireless Sensor Networks
  2. Pixelsense
  3. iPhone Mobile App for Students

This is what I liked about my current job. I got the chance to explore new technologies everyday :) This time, I get to know Arduino/Netduino & the Internet of things. Fascinating concepts :) I loved wearable devices like super smart watch or something like wearable clothes that can talk/understand you.

I am also over-joyed when reading the feedback. This is the first time in NYP (it is about 1 and a half year now), I receive so many positive comments from students. Love it !!! In times like this, I feel more motivated and energetic. Personally, I feel calmer and more relaxed when coaching students. Starting to get the hang of it :)

To be honest, I always think I am bad at motivating/ explaining things clearly. I am more a technical person. I have a strong desire to coach students personally but I probably will have a big problem talking in lecture (stage fright/ heart attack :) ). That is something I realized and noted to myself.

So happy when students said that I managed to "motivate them" and is "kind, caring" :) Look forward to my holiday in Bali soon :) with my sweetheart :)

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