SCRUM course

Recently attended a quick 3 days Scrum-master course which is quite interesting. The course is brilliantly conducted by Bas from odd-e at Swissotel Merchant Court. I particularly like the "screwed-burger" , "sheep-dog" metaphor and also the rugby video to explain the concepts. I also have the opportunity to network with others in the course from different companies who held quite different roles.

What makes life interesting is when people really opened your eyes to their different views. I like to observe and tried to understand their points without getting too judgmental. As there are many managers in the course, it is quite interesting to see how people with strong leadership skills quickly stands out and take control.

I am still not sure if I should go down the manager route in future. I am a bit introverted. I mean I like to meet people but I tend to be quiet or not really socializing well. I did notice that sometimes I get agitated easily and get really judgmental. Then, I probably asked some stupid questions or gave stupid comments that I regretted later a little bit. Well, it is really hard to fix this habit. I also have a tendency to be really aggressive and forced things on people which probably cause unnecessary tension.

Will try to work on that!

The other things I learnt from this course is probably the importance of automated testing which unfortunately I almost never practiced. Will take a look at the Cucumber tool.

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