Busy week

This week is really a very busy week for me even though it is a self-directed learning week for the students :) I have a new batch of FYPJ students and waved goodbyes to the previous 3 groups. As a teacher, it is always good to hear some good feedbacks from your students and some also constructive criticism on how I should be more patient with them.

Basically, I need to try to speak slower, clearer and keep calmer if I can. I think I already know that but it is just a bit difficult to relax or slow down when things are not going well. I learnt that if you are stressed and worried even though it is for the students, it probably will affect them too. So, need to go away and then come back a bit later.

This week is graduation week. I saw some of my ex-FYPJ and competition students. Glad to see them complete an important stage in their life :) Today Im having meeting non-stop from 10am to 4pm. Have "lunch" for half an hour. Then, attend a presentation. Really tiring. Lucky that I have an early heavy breakfast.

I have been playing with the Raspberry Pi recently. It is really fun to play with. It is just a cute credit sized Linux computer. It even has a camera for vision. The device itself only cost $35 and has 512MB memory which is plenty for a server. So cute !! :) Been learning more and more new technologies :) I picked up Python just to play with the Pi. Python really opened my eyes. The code is just so beautiful <3 Beautifully indented.. Supremely easy to read. Easy to use. Quick to run :)

Have also been working with Samsung SUR40 to touch up and finish some Pixelsense school projects. It is a "OK" technology that is not very sensitive for touching. There are some use cases but I dun really like the device . Microsoft more or less has stopped the developments. The device is rather expensive and not affordable to normal developers. There is practically no open source libraries and very limited number of apps.

OK! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day! Again :)

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