life is busy

feel really tired writing this post :)

I am kinda busy this year. There are so many things happening at the same time. Unexpected things but generally positive experiences :)

About work, I now supervise 3 groups of students in 3 different competitions. Get to know the big differences between Codextreme, Splash Awards and also some similarities. Also will get more involved in Open House next year. And hopefully in doing some applied research if I got lucky :)

Long time since I last touched my github projects which are really small side projects and also incomplete. Manage to release the 'Pocket Malls' app which slowly slips down the ranking day by day after getting featured briefly :) . As I increased my 'geek' profile, unexpected things happened. Getting approached by Packt & Amazon are really pleasant surprises.

Next year is probably slightly harder but also more fun :)

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