Another year

Time passed really fast. Another year is ending soon. Next week I ll go back home briefly to rest :)

Travelled to Bangkok recently wif my gf. I totally hated the atmosphere. It was just so stuffy. Everything seemed rushed and chaotic. The tours are horrible. We got ripped off. They did nothing much except talking on the car. A real disappointment, not value for money at all! The Thai traditional show is no where as good as the one in Bali. I found it so so. They tried very hard to mix everything together to describe different aspects of Thai cultures. However, the stories are not well connected. They are kind of being thrown there just to make the show a little bit longer. We never really go to the rooftop restaurant. All because my sweetheart is sleeping like a log :)) she even missed the most interesting show completely. We shop a little bit. Nothing high profile. Most of the shoppings are done in Singapore.

Over the past month, I have done a number of presentations and finish a proposal. Things are going well so far. Lots of paperwork and preparations! Today I just finished reviewed the UI storyboards with my tutor class. I think I am over enthusiastic in reviewing their work. Took 1 hour to review each group. Overshot the time limit :) Next week would be the final year's final presentations. Need to go and arrange.

Last weekend, I was celebrating with Quan on his new job (his treat) :) We happened to end up on a Japanese buffet which is of the same franchise as the one I went to in Bangkok. Also, saw My after a long time. Oh and the previous week, I went to Son and QA's daughter one-year old birthday at a hotel near to Fort Canning Park. It was nice seeing old friends after long time. I also discovered the Ministry of Marriage of getting a little bit lost in the park :)

Ok, I am playing soccer again this weekend. On another note, Liverpool continues winning!! 4-0 Fulham.. great!! Feel a bit itchy. I probably should try to learn Python properly or write some iOS app. Been reading manga and playing Football Manager a bit too much recently.

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