Da Lat trip

I just went to Da Lat recently for a short one week holiday with mum. The weather is really nice which is always cool but not cold. It is always raining in the afternoon but luckily always sunny in the morning. The food was ok, nothing fantastic. I have managed to visit some interesting places like the flower park, "Thung Lung Tinh Yeu", the crayon house and cultural exchanges in the "Cong Chieng" tour.

The Da Lat people are generally very polite including the taxi drivers, tour guide. They tend to be very soft spoken which are really surprising to me. Overall, this trip is quite nice but somehow I prefer the "Moc Chau" trip better. Probably because the food is nicer and it is colder then.

Back to work on Tuesday (Monday is holiday), it is a little bit hard to get going after the short holiday. Reflecting back on the previous year, I was very proud to see my students doing really well on the World Skills Singapore competition (Gold and Bronze medals) which is really a big deal for them, all outstanding students. That also means that I may have the chance to visit Brazil next year where the international round will be held. I also wish to visit Silicon Valley somedays. Some of my NYP colleagues managed to do that on the school trip. Felt kinda jealous :)

Currently, I am playing with the Scrapy framework, a web scraping Python based framework. It was really nice and well written with spiders, pipelines, exporters ,etc. On a positive note, the Yii framework version 2 is almost production ready. The RC is released very recently. In the next 1/2 week, the first GA version should be released also :) Yeah!

On a random note, Liverpool is not doing so well this year. Haizzzz...

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