Amazons Board Game for iOS devices

I have been working on this app recently. The aim is to recreate the very challenging AI that I studied in university. The app is finally published today. Yea!!

Good news. The app is currently featured in 77 countries. This is awesome :)

So far, it managed to break into Canada appstore paid category (number 29 on 20 Dec 2014).

** Update (29 Dec) **

So far, the game has reached the following position:

  • Top 10 iPad board games in Taiwan (best is 4, currently 7)

  • Top 20 iPad board games in Korea (best position is 13, currently 21)
  • Top 30 iPhone board games in Canada & Netherlands (now sadly out of the rankings :( )
  • Featured in 123 countries for iPhone/iPad board games on launch date

Currently, I am giving out free promo codes at:

The youtube channel can be found here:

Facebook page:

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