The ups and downs of being a mobile developer

A new year is coming soon. I just cannot wait. These few days I am really distracted. Cannot help but check my apps ranking every few minutes.

The AppStore nowadays is very unpredictable, especially in small countries e.g. Singapore. My most 3 successful apps (Toto Winner, Singapore Secondary School Guide, Amazons Board Game) sometimes magically jump into the top 10 with very low sales.

And then QUICKLY disappear after 1-2 days. Sometimes, the end is predictable as the ranking drops steadily every hour. Sometimes, it is extremely fast, sudden jumping from top 10 to 700+.

Today is a bit heartbreaking to see Amazons game fall 164 places out of Taiwan top 10 chart. Out of nowhere, it falls to 173 :(

The app is still in top 20 for grossing app in Board category. I am happy with the fact that there are people who enjoy my game a lot. :) This game does not appear appealing. But I am sure it is extremely addicting the moment you play it. Oh well, I can only hope that the free version would be more popular :) Waiting for Apple to approve.

Hope my next game will be even better and more popular. Chasing the indie developer's dream :) Marketing your app/game is really hard. Life is full of ups and downs.

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