Busy year

It has been a long time since I last wrote something here ... Many things have happened yea..

Let's see.. I have just paid the deposit/downpayment for my house few months back.. stressful and plenty of things to think about.. and also a lot of paperworks (which I hate)..

This year I also got the chance to travel a little bit more. Next month, will be coming to Brazil for the competition.. :)

Currently, I am a bit tied up with the project.. Android/iOS/Web all at the same time :) I am almost done with the iOS version.. Look at the speed.. 1 week .. just 1 week :) the power of open source libraries.. I will probably take a little bit longer for the Android version.. I have no time to work on my own apps recently.. a bit stagnant.. people still down them :) especially the Singapore Football Odds (a little surprise for me).. The Pocket Malls app is picking up after SG MAll app is somehow closed down :))

This year I also wished to participate in the Codextreme as a competitor instead of a coach.. Look like I have no time :( Even though I have spent some efforts to learn the Google Cardboard.. a bit wasted..

Look forward to my break in September.. a bit long yea.. Now need to quickly finish the project..

Looking back, I am already at NYP for like 4 years.. Time sure flew fast..

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