It has been a long time since I last wrote something. Let's see. Recently I re-contracted and upgraded my phone to iPhone 6s which felt really nice. I have always love Apple product. The new phone is giving me plenty of distractions. I just cannot stop downloading things and try them out. Have to delete Football Manager as I cannot stop playing. Also hooked with text based games such as Lifeline , 80 days. I then go and try Silent Age and download a bunch of old-school visual novels from Winter Wolves.

Ok, come back to work. I felt so distracted and a bit tired recently. Whenever I start writing/coding something, there would be interruptions from various sources/activities/people. The train of thought is then gone :( Can only work later in the day or at night. In the recent project, I have the chance to learn more about IBM Bluemix and Postgresql. Learnt new things about Cloud Foundry and the way the app in the cloud is structured. The key things is that files cannot be stored in the local file system but need to move to other services (can be stored in DB or another cloud file system provider like Amazon S3). Everything will be wiped out whenever a new app update is deployed.

I encountered various problems with IBM Bluemix initially. It is very strange that their Sendgrid integration actually made email sending slower. I am also unable to disable email tracking if I use the built in Sendgrid service. However, when I registered a Sendgrid account separately from Bluemix and then link it manually to the app, sending/receiving email is much faster. In addition, the setting for disabling link tracking is also available. There are some weird Javascript bugs if I use the built in Sendgrid service. Another issue is the slow roundtrip DB. Hopefully, in future, things will improve and there will be new data clusters in Asia.

Postgresql is interesting. Many small differences with MySQL. Quite unfriendly to use :) I mean pgAdmin, Postgresql client. I have been spoilt by numerous choices in Mysql like Sequel Pro or Workbench or Yog. Even SQL Server Management Studio is much better than PgAdmin. pgAdmin is really really super unfriendly. I tried to look for alternatives but they are no good. Valentia Studio is free but it has a horrible bug when it keeps trying to reset the table trigger. Extremely frustrating. In the end, I alternate between phpStorm database plugin and pgAdmin.

On a positive and totally unrelated note, my first iOS app "Pocket Malls Singapore" was featured in Tech In Asia. I felt really good then.


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