Career & life milestone

It has been so long since I last wrote something here :) There are so many changes within the last year. Let's see.

  • I left my second job at NYP (almost 5 years, painful but a necessary change to reach new height professionally)
  • I got married (last Sep). Yippie !!! No changes after marriage :)
  • I joined my new company (ViSenze)
  • Travelled to many countries within the last year (Japan, Korea , Maldives..)

I have recently picked up my reading habits again. Set a reading challenge of 20 books this year and LOOK! I already completed 5 books.

Since joining ViSenze, I have picked up a very unhealthy habit of drinking coffee non-stop. Morning, after lunch and sometimes dinner. Was trying to run twice a week but still struggled to keep it up :) Sometimes, just sometimes I would miss the much slower pace life at NYP. The cute students :) The free gym where I can drop by during lunch or after office hours to wind down. The very nice colleagues (who I can chit/chat during breaks)/ friendly boss. The freedom to explore different project domains.

Well, there are well also lots of perks working in a typical startup such as free food/ fruits, free COFFEE (yea!), awesome Macbook (16GB RAM baby) and very casual dress. It took me quite sometimes to get used to the casual attire. Here, we can wear shorts and SLIPPERS (v cool !) to work. Im more used to standard formal clothes :)

Hope to push my technical knowledge, especially in cloud areas which Im still quite inexperienced :) cloud + hot new front end tech like ReactJS, Angular and also mobile. It has been quite busy recently with the new initiative and possible new hirings :) There are sometimes a lot of sudden/urgent requests. Very typical startup life :)

Oh on an unrelated note. I miss my wife (who is travelling currently). Looking forward to the weekend. Ok back to reading liao.

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