• condo is so expensive

    just do some research on buying condo! so expensive !!! :( if i win Toto, it would be great :)

    80% bank loan

    20% down payment (5% cash, 15% CPF)

    Stamp duty = 3% - 5,400

    Additional stamp duty = 5%

    Lawyer fees = ?

    So we roughly need to pay 30% . a newly and going to be constructed condo with 2 bed rooms will need 650k++ (cheap one). And then we need to wait around 3.5 years to get the key. Subsequently need to pay property tax.

    Shocking. Need at least 200k.

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  • Chinese New Year 2014

    A really busy year has passed. I have been involved in many events last year which involve multiple student competitions, R&D project, open house. Was really drained and exhausted after the Codextreme and Splash competition. On a positive note, my students managed to be in the top 3 for the Samsung app challenge :) Was really proud of them.

    I have just went back home for CNY. As usual, we visited our relatives. Felt happy to relax at home and enjoyed the cold air with mum.

    Thich nhung thu me nau va nhung mon an tet. Cung ngay 30, dot vang...

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  • Another year

    Time passed really fast. Another year is ending soon. Next week I ll go back home briefly to rest :)

    Travelled to Bangkok recently wif my gf. I totally hated the atmosphere. It was just so stuffy. Everything seemed rushed and chaotic. The tours are horrible. We got ripped off. They did nothing much except talking on the car. A real disappointment, not value for money at all! The Thai traditional show is no where as good as the one in Bali. I found it so so. They tried very hard to mix everything together to describe different aspects of...

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  • life is busy

    feel really tired writing this post :)

    I am kinda busy this year. There are so many things happening at the same time. Unexpected things but generally positive experiences :)

    About work, I now supervise 3 groups of students in 3 different competitions. Get to know the big differences between Codextreme, Splash Awards and also some similarities. Also will get more involved in Open House next year. And hopefully in doing some applied research if I got lucky :)

    Long time since I last touched my github projects which are really small side...

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  • Super busy week :)

    My students have just finished their Codextreme presentation today (2013 - S.M.A.R.T trolley) after a very intense week. We worked so hard during the previous week to prepare :)

    Support them throughout the 24-hour and also re-hearse the presentations yesterday.

    I feel really happy that the presentation is really smooth ! Hopefully can get a top 3 prize. Really proud of my outstanding students :)

    On another note, my app got featured on the AppStore. WooHoo!!

    OK , i shall rest for half an hour before starting the coding excercise.

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