• Amazing Calendar Apps

    Just take a look at some wonderfully design calendar apps. Oh WOW!

    Amazing day ticker (Fantastical app):

    Fantastical iphone


    Path like events


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  • Mobile Form Usability Design

    Designing long forms for mobile can be a big challenge. We are constrained by the limited space available. The only way is to break down the forms into smaller sections with logical grouping. Only then, it is more manageable and visually, it is easier for users to identify and categorize with their eyes. I mean as an end user they should not have to think too much.

    The second challenge would be to design the validation steps. Inline live validation should be preferred. It can be difficult to find space for the error messages. Special care...

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  • The magic world of uitableview

    Xmas is coming soon. Hopefully before the end of the world (21/12/2012) lol :) I am a bit lonely as my gf is not here. So I try to use this period of time learning new things, exploring new stuff out of my fields. I manage to learn a bit more about graphic design (with Pixelmator) and also mobile usability.

    My mind is pre-occupied with one of the more interesting projects that I did at work recently. It was really fun. I love content related stuff. I love mobile apps that have tons of contents. I love web apps that have lots of content. I...

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  • Farewell my zing

    Just sent off my gf last Sunday to Australia. I was quite sad when saw her checking in and left for her flight. My eyes just teared up and I tried hard not to cry in the taxi.

    Work has been busy lately. I have this new & interesting project that I need to develop both iPhone and Android versions by Jan. I am a lot more familiar with iOS now so need to devise a strategy to share code between the 2 versions. We probably can only share the business logic code and the sqlite database. The other thing that I can share for the UI is the web...

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  • Prevent UIWebView white flashing issue

    Recently have this problem in my project. Take me a while to resolve the issue. I was loading UIWebView and execute some Javascript to dynamically update the local HTML.

    Send command to webview

    NSMutableDictionary* jsonDit = ***; // create a dictionary here 
    // use SBJSON to convert dictionary to a JSON. use this to escape the string
    // this json will be executed by the page
    NSString *js = [[NSString alloc]initWithFormat:@"setHtml(%@);", [jsonDit JSONRepresentation]  ];
    [self.webview stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:js];


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