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  • Android Quickform Engine

    Just rewrite this small library to generate forms automatically on Android (my latest side project) :)

    In future, probably, I will add more form elements and maybe more form data store to save to sqlite/memory instead of SharedPreferences.

    Below is the github project:

    Android Quickform

    Some quick notes:

    Android Quickform is a simple form generator for Android. This project is inspired by iOS QuickDialog form library.

    To create a form, check the demo project for example. A form is made up of different sections which consists of...

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  • Mobile Form Usability Design

    Designing long forms for mobile can be a big challenge. We are constrained by the limited space available. The only way is to break down the forms into smaller sections with logical grouping. Only then, it is more manageable and visually, it is easier for users to identify and categorize with their eyes. I mean as an end user they should not have to think too much.

    The second challenge would be to design the validation steps. Inline live validation should be preferred. It can be difficult to find space for the error messages. Special care...

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  • iOS Contact ListView for Android

    It has been a long time since I wrote some open source projects. Just finish writing this small UI project for Android in these few days which simulates the look and feel of iOS Phone Contacts View. It is not exactly the same though. I have taken most of the code from IndexScroller in IndexableListView project and rewritten it so that it is more customizable and easier to use. The main features include:

    • Alphabet section headers with auto-sorting
    • Search bar
    • Customizable Indexed sideview. The rounded background container can be hidden as...
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  • Remote Controller for Reveal.js Presentation

    I am going to have a presentation soon. After trying Reveal.js and Impress.js, I decide to give Reveal.js a try. In the process, I also quickly write up a simple remote controller for the slides with Node.js and :)

    Now, I can use my iphone as the presentation remote control by opening up the controller page as above.

    Below is the code if somebody is interested:

    Source code:

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  • HTML5 Presentation Frameworks

    I believe that in the next 10 years, there will be a lot more progress and investments for the use of mobile technologies in education and healthcare. Working with students on a daily basis, I always feel the need to explore different/new areas which can make learning more fun and interesting.

    Today, I just come across some HTML5 presentation frameworks which look impressive. With HTML5, we can access the presentations anytime anywhere on multiple devices (desktop and mobile). It is also easier to store this on some server and distribute...

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