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  • Career & life milestone

    It has been so long since I last wrote something here :) There are so many changes within the last year. Let's see.

    • I left my second job at NYP (almost 5 years, painful but a necessary change to reach new height professionally)
    • I got married (last Sep). Yippie !!! No changes after marriage :)
    • I joined my new company (ViSenze)
    • Travelled to many countries within the last year (Japan, Korea , Maldives..)

    I have recently picked up my reading habits again. Set a reading challenge of 20 books this year and LOOK! I already completed 5...

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  • Life Update

    Ok so this year is gonna be a big big year, a personal milestone. I just came back from a week-long CNY holiday and met my gf's parents. This is to get permission to get married :) Things are going great yea :) I managed to talk to dad more this time and learnt a lot about the past. Finally, I had the answers to so many burning questions on why certain things happenned.

    Talked to mum also about my career and got some useful advices. I felt I need to be braver at this stage. It is now or never.

    Look forward to a challenging year with many...

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  • Jaded

    It has been a long time since I last wrote something. Let's see. Recently I re-contracted and upgraded my phone to iPhone 6s which felt really nice. I have always love Apple product. The new phone is giving me plenty of distractions. I just cannot stop downloading things and try them out. Have to delete Football Manager as I cannot stop playing. Also hooked with text based games such as Lifeline , 80 days. I then go and try Silent Age and download a bunch of old-school visual novels from Winter Wolves.

    Ok, come back to work. I felt so...

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  • Busy year

    It has been a long time since I last wrote something here ... Many things have happened yea..

    Let's see.. I have just paid the deposit/downpayment for my house few months back.. stressful and plenty of things to think about.. and also a lot of paperworks (which I hate)..

    This year I also got the chance to travel a little bit more. Next month, will be coming to Brazil for the competition.. :)

    Currently, I am a bit tied up with the project.. Android/iOS/Web all at the same time :) I am almost done with the iOS version.. Look at the speed.....

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  • Chinese New Year is coming

    I am so looking forward to Chinese New Year :) It is gonna be the longest Chinese New Year break I will have in the last 5 years :) oh yea..

    I am slowly getting used to Android platform.. Having managed to convert successfully multiple apps to Google Play with no issues.. :) Understand the differences in ranking system between Google Play and AppStore now.. It is probably much easier to break into Google Play top charts.. Google Play also has more categories and it is easier to get discovered by users.. The best thing is the app can get...

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