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  • Super busy week :)

    My students have just finished their Codextreme presentation today (2013 - S.M.A.R.T trolley) after a very intense week. We worked so hard during the previous week to prepare :)

    Support them throughout the 24-hour and also re-hearse the presentations yesterday.

    I feel really happy that the presentation is really smooth ! Hopefully can get a top 3 prize. Really proud of my outstanding students :)

    On another note, my app got featured on the AppStore. WooHoo!!

    OK , i shall rest for half an hour before starting the coding excercise.

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  • Pocket Malls published!

    My new app has just been published this morning :) Oh yea!

    This week has been so busy.

    It is the Codextreme competition week for my students :)

    Pocket Malls Singapore

    Pocket Malls Singapore screenshot

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  • Waiting for ios dev center to be up

    I have been busy these few days with various projects and students :) The semester is ending soon. The Codextreme competition is getting closer. I feel a bit frustrated due to recent events at the iOS dev center.

    Have been working hard the past few weeks to work on an app. Just when I try to release it, the damn thing is down :) I can log in to iTunes Connect to create app but I need to generate the distribution profile from dev center. Gosh!! What bad luck. It has been down from last Thursday.

    I am also currently doing a technical review...

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  • Busy week

    This week is really a very busy week for me even though it is a self-directed learning week for the students :) I have a new batch of FYPJ students and waved goodbyes to the previous 3 groups. As a teacher, it is always good to hear some good feedbacks from your students and some also constructive criticism on how I should be more patient with them.

    Basically, I need to try to speak slower, clearer and keep calmer if I can. I think I already know that but it is just a bit difficult to relax or slow down when things are not going well. I...

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  • New semester

    A lot of stuff is going on this week. School has just re-opened for new and existing students :) For me, I am tutoring a new class on a new module which is quite different from the previous modules I have taught.

    It is also a busy time for the final year students. They need to present for their mid-terms. I have so many meetings this week :( Tomorrow another 2 meetings :(

    Enjoyed my holiday at Bali :) It was great! I love the Deva show at Nusa Dua theatre. It was very impressive on the first day we came. I also love the experience of...

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