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  • SCRUM course

    Recently attended a quick 3 days Scrum-master course which is quite interesting. The course is brilliantly conducted by Bas from odd-e at Swissotel Merchant Court. I particularly like the "screwed-burger" , "sheep-dog" metaphor and also the rugby video to explain the concepts. I also have the opportunity to network with others in the course from different companies who held quite different roles.

    What makes life interesting is when people really opened your eyes to their different views. I like to observe and tried to understand their...

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  • Happy tutor/supervisor

    The course feedback for the previous semester just released this week. A new batch of FYPJ students is coming in. In this period, I am coaching 3 groups of students who happen to use totally different technologies:

    1. Wireless Sensor Networks
    2. Pixelsense
    3. iPhone Mobile App for Students

    This is what I liked about my current job. I got the chance to explore new technologies everyday :) This time, I get to know Arduino/Netduino & the Internet of things. Fascinating concepts :) I loved wearable devices like super smart watch or something like...

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  • Sqlite DB Code generator for Android/iOS

    Just finish writing this code generator to help me share code between Android & iOS. Whew! :)

    The idea is to generate all the basic create/update/delete/retrieve operations to quickly get started. I generate my code which are actually simple wrappers to FMDB library for iOS and sqliteassethelper library for Android. This will help a lot for my future data-based projects :) I choose not to use any ORM solutions as although they are quite magical, they would be slower and also harder...

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  • Long and wasted weekend

    Time flew so fast. My short weekend is almost over. I have been playing the old games non-stop. There are 2 games that I never got tired of playing:

    • Heroes 3 of Might and Magic
    • Championship Manager

    I just keep played them over and over again. I bought Football Manager for my iPhone. When I got too addicted, I made the painful decision of deleting the app off. So many fun hours until my eyes are just so tired and cannot take it anymore!

    Just played Heroes again for the last 2 days. I spent the whole night (until 6am) and then ate only 1...

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  • Android Quickform Engine

    Just rewrite this small library to generate forms automatically on Android (my latest side project) :)

    In future, probably, I will add more form elements and maybe more form data store to save to sqlite/memory instead of SharedPreferences.

    Below is the github project:

    Android Quickform

    Some quick notes:

    Android Quickform is a simple form generator for Android. This project is inspired by iOS QuickDialog form library.

    To create a form, check the demo project for example. A form is made up of different sections which consists of...

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