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  • Fun scraping with casperjs and phantomjs

    Recently, I have been playing around with CasperJS and PhantomJS for web scraping. I always find screen scraping fun and fascinating. I mean there are just so many applications:

    1. We have bills/accounts all over the place in different websites. The scraping tools can be used to develop a program for personal use that can combine the results in a single place. It also can be used to trigger notifications e.g. bill payments reminder, manga notification, movies notification. The possibility is just endless :)

    2. We want to find and compare the...

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  • New School Semester

    New school semester just starts. I am glad to see new students after the short term break. My final year students are just having their mid term presentation. It is my first time doing presentation with overseas students. It can be quite a challenge for both the students and teachers :)

    I have some projects going on currently at work. I have learnt Windows 8 development with both Javascript and C#, XAML. Since I am a lot more experienced with HTML/CSS/Javascript, it found developing metro apps with Javascript much easier. However, C#,XAML...

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  • Windows 8 development with HTML & Javascript

    Recently, I have been working on a Windows 8 app at work. It has been fun so far :) Windows 8 initially feels confusing for me. I mean we need to keep switching between Metro & Desktop apps :)) And then there is little weirdness when we hover the mouse over the corners :)) After getting used to it, I love the new design where everything is full screen. Navigation bars and buttons are encouraged to be hidden. The only problem I thinks is sometimes the buttons/commands are hidden and it is not so obvious to figure out.

    Back to coding, I have...

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  • My first spider :)

    Just write my very first web spider which will first crawl mangafox and mangastream websites. Then, it emails me automatically about new mangas that I am currently following. This is fun :)

    I basically make use of simple parsing functions, and the CURL and tidy extensions:

    1) Get the HTML using the curl

    1.  public static function http($target, $ref, $method, $data_array, $incl_head)
    2.      {
    3.          # Initialize PHP/CURL handle
    4.          $ch = curl_init();
    6.          # Prcess data, if presented
    7.          if(is_array($data_array))
    8.          {
    9.  ...
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  • Langkawi Holiday

    Just have a break at Langkawi last week (18 - 20 Aug) with my love :) It is just a short weekend getaway as Hari Raya Puasa falls on Sunday, which results in Monday off for my gf. We booked both the hotel and flight via Expedia. While it is cheap, the hotel experience is terrible. I will never come back to Kampung Tok Senik Resort again.

    While it is a resort, it really is just a cheap chalet. We need car to bring us to our rooms which are traditional Malay wooden houses. Wifi is only available in lobby. No ESPN channel for the TV. I...

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