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  • Jaded

    It has been a long time since I last wrote something. Let's see. Recently I re-contracted and upgraded my phone to iPhone 6s which felt really nice. I have always love Apple product. The new phone is giving me plenty of distractions. I just cannot stop downloading things and try them out. Have to delete Football Manager as I cannot stop playing. Also hooked with text based games such as Lifeline , 80 days. I then go and try Silent Age and download a bunch of old-school visual novels from Winter Wolves.

    Ok, come back to work. I felt so...

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  • Sqlite DB Code generator for Android/iOS

    Just finish writing this code generator to help me share code between Android & iOS. Whew! :)

    The idea is to generate all the basic create/update/delete/retrieve operations to quickly get started. I generate my code which are actually simple wrappers to FMDB library for iOS and sqliteassethelper library for Android. This will help a lot for my future data-based projects :) I choose not to use any ORM solutions as although they are quite magical, they would be slower and also harder...

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  • Android Quickform Engine

    Just rewrite this small library to generate forms automatically on Android (my latest side project) :)

    In future, probably, I will add more form elements and maybe more form data store to save to sqlite/memory instead of SharedPreferences.

    Below is the github project:

    Android Quickform

    Some quick notes:

    Android Quickform is a simple form generator for Android. This project is inspired by iOS QuickDialog form library.

    To create a form, check the demo project for example. A form is made up of different sections which consists of...

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  • The magic world of uitableview

    Xmas is coming soon. Hopefully before the end of the world (21/12/2012) lol :) I am a bit lonely as my gf is not here. So I try to use this period of time learning new things, exploring new stuff out of my fields. I manage to learn a bit more about graphic design (with Pixelmator) and also mobile usability.

    My mind is pre-occupied with one of the more interesting projects that I did at work recently. It was really fun. I love content related stuff. I love mobile apps that have tons of contents. I love web apps that have lots of content. I...

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  • iOS Contact ListView for Android

    It has been a long time since I wrote some open source projects. Just finish writing this small UI project for Android in these few days which simulates the look and feel of iOS Phone Contacts View. It is not exactly the same though. I have taken most of the code from IndexScroller in IndexableListView project and rewritten it so that it is more customizable and easier to use. The main features include:

    • Alphabet section headers with auto-sorting
    • Search bar
    • Customizable Indexed sideview. The rounded background container can be hidden as...
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