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  • Centos 6 - upgrade PHP to 5.5

    Just perform the update.. quite smooth so far.

    $ rpm -Uvh
    $ yum install yum-plugin-replace
    $ yum replace php-common --replace-with=php55w-common
    $ yum install php55w-opcache
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  • Yii 2 Beta Release - Hurray

    It is now 3am in the morning. My love is sleeping happily. And I am happily learning about the new version of the Yii framework. It is just awesome as usual :) I can see lots of work have been put into this version. Now Yii has 2 application templates (basic , advanced) and tons of new features which should make it a leading framework again :) It offers so much more than Laravel (more opinionated) and offers a lot more features out of the box :) Beta version also gives me more confidence in its stablity.

    I prefer the way Yii handle...

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  • My first Composer package - Permit

    Hurray! Contributed the first Laravel package. Yessssss!


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  • Plenty of meetings

    School will start again next week. I am having lots of meetings this week.

    Continue my journey with Laravel framework :) Almost finish writing the draft version for Permit package. Basically, I rewrite the bitwise permission scheme used in Liferay for Laravel. Feel fun to revise some bit operations after so long. The last time I wrote bit operations are during year 3 of University for the Amazon game :) It was so tough back then.

    Hurray! almost done. The super early alpha version is here: Permit. Still need to add in a lot of unit test...

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  • So many PHP frameworks - Laravel/Symfony/Phalcon

    This year I coached students on so many competitions :)) Codextreme, Splash Awards, World Skills, Samsung. Kinda interesting. During these few days, I was trying to refresh my PHP frameworks knowledge. I am most familiar with Yii framework. However, it takes forever for Yii v2 to get ready for production usage. I also do not like the fact that it only supports PHP 5.4 onwards. It simply limits plenty of deployment options out there.

    Recently, I also had experience with Processwire CMS. It is a small but cute CMS which is quite flexible....

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