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  • Raspberry Pi setup notes

    This is just to document some setup issues and notes for Raspbian Wheezy:

    Upgrade and keep software up to date

    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get upgrade


    $ sudo raspi-config

    Software installations

    # install vim
    $ sudo apt-get install vim
    # install LAMP
    $ sudo apt-get install apache2
    $ sudo apt-get install mysql-server
    $ sudo apt-get install php5

    Keyboard Issues & Fixes

    I keep having problems initially when press certain characters such as |, ~ does not appear correctly. The fix is to change keyboard locale to...

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  • Busy week

    This week is really a very busy week for me even though it is a self-directed learning week for the students :) I have a new batch of FYPJ students and waved goodbyes to the previous 3 groups. As a teacher, it is always good to hear some good feedbacks from your students and some also constructive criticism on how I should be more patient with them.

    Basically, I need to try to speak slower, clearer and keep calmer if I can. I think I already know that but it is just a bit difficult to relax or slow down when things are not going well. I...

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