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  • Chinese New Year is coming

    I am so looking forward to Chinese New Year :) It is gonna be the longest Chinese New Year break I will have in the last 5 years :) oh yea..

    I am slowly getting used to Android platform.. Having managed to convert successfully multiple apps to Google Play with no issues.. :) Understand the differences in ranking system between Google Play and AppStore now.. It is probably much easier to break into Google Play top charts.. Google Play also has more categories and it is easier to get discovered by users.. The best thing is the app can get...

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  • The ups and downs of being a mobile developer

    A new year is coming soon. I just cannot wait. These few days I am really distracted. Cannot help but check my apps ranking every few minutes.

    The AppStore nowadays is very unpredictable, especially in small countries e.g. Singapore. My most 3 successful apps (Toto Winner, Singapore Secondary School Guide, Amazons Board Game) sometimes magically jump into the top 10 with very low sales.

    And then QUICKLY disappear after 1-2 days. Sometimes, the end is predictable as the ranking drops steadily every hour. Sometimes, it is extremely fast,...

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  • Singapore JAE Poly Guide Mobile App

    With JAE fast approaching, I have released this app that might be useful for some students for quick reference for 2014 cut off points:



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  • appstore ranking wide fluctuations

    it has been exciting over the last few days to watch the changes.. I cannot help but check the ranking every 10 minutes .. the ranking fluctuates constantly.. On Friday, out of nowhere, my app shot to number 1.. on Friday night , it drops to 9.. on Saturday morning it comes back to number 1.. at night it drops again..

    this morning it drops all the way to 30.. I was feeling a bit disappointed.. but right now it shot up to number 3 again.. for grossing, it stands at 29 currently.. :) so unpredictable..

    This app is my best performing app so...

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  • My app is number 1 and number 4 in Education and Entertainment category

    Wonder feeling :) First time reach the top Paid category for Singapore Education and Entertainment. In the same day :) I am so lucky

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