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  • The ups and downs of being a mobile developer

    A new year is coming soon. I just cannot wait. These few days I am really distracted. Cannot help but check my apps ranking every few minutes.

    The AppStore nowadays is very unpredictable, especially in small countries e.g. Singapore. My most 3 successful apps (Toto Winner, Singapore Secondary School Guide, Amazons Board Game) sometimes magically jump into the top 10 with very low sales.

    And then QUICKLY disappear after 1-2 days. Sometimes, the end is predictable as the ranking drops steadily every hour. Sometimes, it is extremely fast,...

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  • appstore ranking wide fluctuations

    it has been exciting over the last few days to watch the changes.. I cannot help but check the ranking every 10 minutes .. the ranking fluctuates constantly.. On Friday, out of nowhere, my app shot to number 1.. on Friday night , it drops to 9.. on Saturday morning it comes back to number 1.. at night it drops again..

    this morning it drops all the way to 30.. I was feeling a bit disappointed.. but right now it shot up to number 3 again.. for grossing, it stands at 29 currently.. :) so unpredictable..

    This app is my best performing app so...

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