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  • Super busy week :)

    My students have just finished their Codextreme presentation today (2013 - S.M.A.R.T trolley) after a very intense week. We worked so hard during the previous week to prepare :)

    Support them throughout the 24-hour and also re-hearse the presentations yesterday.

    I feel really happy that the presentation is really smooth ! Hopefully can get a top 3 prize. Really proud of my outstanding students :)

    On another note, my app got featured on the AppStore. WooHoo!!

    OK , i shall rest for half an hour before starting the coding excercise.

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  • The magic world of uitableview

    Xmas is coming soon. Hopefully before the end of the world (21/12/2012) lol :) I am a bit lonely as my gf is not here. So I try to use this period of time learning new things, exploring new stuff out of my fields. I manage to learn a bit more about graphic design (with Pixelmator) and also mobile usability.

    My mind is pre-occupied with one of the more interesting projects that I did at work recently. It was really fun. I love content related stuff. I love mobile apps that have tons of contents. I love web apps that have lots of content. I...

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  • Code Xtreme 2012 Completion

    The 24 hour competition is over. I only managed to see one of my students' presentations as the judging is simultaneous and occurs in different rooms.

    Potential Winner =))


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  • Busy week

    I am quite busy this week as my students are going for CodeXtreme Competition. Today we attend the Mystery Challenge session which is one of the key requirements for the competition. So, we need to prepare a business plan and define a clear problem statement. I am quietly confident about 2 teams which I believe will have great chances of getting a prize. Also, there are only 52 teams this year. Greater chances! Last year there are 100+ teams.

    I have also finalize the details for my sharing session presentation with Reveal.js....

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