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  • Small little things

    It is always to try new things once in a while. Today I just tried the Hot Stone Meat BBQ with my gf. Having eaten lots of BBQ meat, this one is quite different from other BBQ where meat are either charcoal or electric-grilled. The hot stone is really very hot initially :) Unfortunately, it is not replaced after a while and the heat went off.

    Hot Stone BBQ

    I also wrote an article recently for fun and submitted to Ezinearticles directory. Have always wanted to write some technical articles :) Here is my first online article which compare Appfog and...

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  • Mini Break

    Look forward to my short 2 weeks break. I have been watching plenty of movies lately:

    • Brave (very nice animation)
    • Total Recall (awesome action & fantasy movies with a good plot)
    • The Bourne Legacy (also a decent action show with non-existent plot)
    • SPEC: heaven (funny Jap movie)
    • Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World ( average romantic comedy show )

    Just buy some new outfits at Iluma with Lut over weekend. We also ate at a horribly overpriced Thai restaurant (Nara something) in Far East Plaza. I think Vietnamese food is the best :) I...

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