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  • Small little things

    It is always to try new things once in a while. Today I just tried the Hot Stone Meat BBQ with my gf. Having eaten lots of BBQ meat, this one is quite different from other BBQ where meat are either charcoal or electric-grilled. The hot stone is really very hot initially :) Unfortunately, it is not replaced after a while and the heat went off.

    Hot Stone BBQ

    I also wrote an article recently for fun and submitted to Ezinearticles directory. Have always wanted to write some technical articles :) Here is my first online article which compare Appfog and...

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  • Funny music and talent videos

    After a really long day, it is time for us to relax. I just finished watching James Bond - Skyfall movie. It was decent. The show lasted for more than 2 hours.

    Time to relax:

    1) Funny video about Michael Lang, a guy who imitates Michael Jackson. This is just hilarious.

    2) The shortest talent drama ever. It lasts for 2 seconds :))

    3) Rotating hands talent show :))

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