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  • Langkawi Holiday

    Just have a break at Langkawi last week (18 - 20 Aug) with my love :) It is just a short weekend getaway as Hari Raya Puasa falls on Sunday, which results in Monday off for my gf. We booked both the hotel and flight via Expedia. While it is cheap, the hotel experience is terrible. I will never come back to Kampung Tok Senik Resort again.

    While it is a resort, it really is just a cheap chalet. We need car to bring us to our rooms which are traditional Malay wooden houses. Wifi is only available in lobby. No ESPN channel for the TV. I...

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  • Mini Break

    Look forward to my short 2 weeks break. I have been watching plenty of movies lately:

    • Brave (very nice animation)
    • Total Recall (awesome action & fantasy movies with a good plot)
    • The Bourne Legacy (also a decent action show with non-existent plot)
    • SPEC: heaven (funny Jap movie)
    • Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World ( average romantic comedy show )

    Just buy some new outfits at Iluma with Lut over weekend. We also ate at a horribly overpriced Thai restaurant (Nara something) in Far East Plaza. I think Vietnamese food is the best :) I...

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