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  • Pocket Malls published!

    My new app has just been published this morning :) Oh yea!

    This week has been so busy.

    It is the Codextreme competition week for my students :)

    Pocket Malls Singapore

    Pocket Malls Singapore screenshot

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  • Waiting for ios dev center to be up

    I have been busy these few days with various projects and students :) The semester is ending soon. The Codextreme competition is getting closer. I feel a bit frustrated due to recent events at the iOS dev center.

    Have been working hard the past few weeks to work on an app. Just when I try to release it, the damn thing is down :) I can log in to iTunes Connect to create app but I need to generate the distribution profile from dev center. Gosh!! What bad luck. It has been down from last Thursday.

    I am also currently doing a technical review...

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  • Sqlite DB Code generator for Android/iOS

    Just finish writing this code generator to help me share code between Android & iOS. Whew! :)

    The idea is to generate all the basic create/update/delete/retrieve operations to quickly get started. I generate my code which are actually simple wrappers to FMDB library for iOS and sqliteassethelper library for Android. This will help a lot for my future data-based projects :) I choose not to use any ORM solutions as although they are quite magical, they would be slower and also harder...

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  • The magic world of uitableview

    Xmas is coming soon. Hopefully before the end of the world (21/12/2012) lol :) I am a bit lonely as my gf is not here. So I try to use this period of time learning new things, exploring new stuff out of my fields. I manage to learn a bit more about graphic design (with Pixelmator) and also mobile usability.

    My mind is pre-occupied with one of the more interesting projects that I did at work recently. It was really fun. I love content related stuff. I love mobile apps that have tons of contents. I love web apps that have lots of content. I...

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  • Prevent UIWebView white flashing issue

    Recently have this problem in my project. Take me a while to resolve the issue. I was loading UIWebView and execute some Javascript to dynamically update the local HTML.

    Send command to webview

    NSMutableDictionary* jsonDit = ***; // create a dictionary here 
    // use SBJSON to convert dictionary to a JSON. use this to escape the string
    // this json will be executed by the page
    NSString *js = [[NSString alloc]initWithFormat:@"setHtml(%@);", [jsonDit JSONRepresentation]  ];
    [self.webview stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:js];


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