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  • Windows 8 development with HTML & Javascript

    Recently, I have been working on a Windows 8 app at work. It has been fun so far :) Windows 8 initially feels confusing for me. I mean we need to keep switching between Metro & Desktop apps :)) And then there is little weirdness when we hover the mouse over the corners :)) After getting used to it, I love the new design where everything is full screen. Navigation bars and buttons are encouraged to be hidden. The only problem I thinks is sometimes the buttons/commands are hidden and it is not so obvious to figure out.

    Back to coding, I have...

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  • Create a simple Highcharts bar chart with real time update

    I need to use Highcharts for one of my recent projects to show the voting results. The library is very easy to use and flexible :)

    Below is an example of how to set it up to create a simple bar chart and customize its labels:

    1.  var pollChart;
    2.      $(document).ready(function() {
    3.          var colors = Highcharts.getOptions().colors;
    4.          var teamsJson = [{"name":"Team A","voteCount":"98"},
    5.                                {"name":"Team B","voteCount":"32"},
    6.                        {"name":"Team C ","voteCount":"45"}] ;
    7.          // use...
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