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  • Platform as a service (OpenShift & Appfog) future

    Having used both OpenShift and Appfog in the scope of various small projects, I like both of them. The services enables developers to quickly start developing apps without worrying about time consuming server configurations. They also promise to be able to scale your app which I tend to not agree :)

    Both Appfog and Openshift offers you generous amount of RAM (1GB and 2GB) but they have some restrictions about amount of server storage which i think are reasonable. The free plan exceeds most of what shared hosting services offer and make it...

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  • My New Website

    This is the home of my new website after trying the Redhat OpenShift platform :) I decide to move away from all the PaaS (platform as a service) offerings. They are generally more expensive and limited. While it is certainly easier to setup and deploy with PaaS, there are a lot of restrictions with what you can do to your server instance. PaaS or various cloud solutions basically sell their server monitoring services to you but your apps/websites actually reside in a glorified shared hosting environment.

    Having read a lot of reviews, I am...

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