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  • Platform as a service (OpenShift & Appfog) future

    Having used both OpenShift and Appfog in the scope of various small projects, I like both of them. The services enables developers to quickly start developing apps without worrying about time consuming server configurations. They also promise to be able to scale your app which I tend to not agree :)

    Both Appfog and Openshift offers you generous amount of RAM (1GB and 2GB) but they have some restrictions about amount of server storage which i think are reasonable. The free plan exceeds most of what shared hosting services offer and make it...

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  • Bernie and Ice Age 4

    I have recently watched these 2 movies.


    I am a fan of Jack Black. However, I am so disappointed in this movie. I was hoping to see a comedy with lots of laughter. Instead, I am treated with a long, boring documentary. There are some meanings and values in the movie. However, it fails to entertain me.

    Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

    This is an enjoyable show which is not as good as the previous 3 prequels. But it is decent, light hearted and suitable for all ages.

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  • HTML5 Presentation Frameworks

    I believe that in the next 10 years, there will be a lot more progress and investments for the use of mobile technologies in education and healthcare. Working with students on a daily basis, I always feel the need to explore different/new areas which can make learning more fun and interesting.

    Today, I just come across some HTML5 presentation frameworks which look impressive. With HTML5, we can access the presentations anytime anywhere on multiple devices (desktop and mobile). It is also easier to store this on some server and distribute...

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  • Node.js deployment in production settings

    While node.js is exciting, it is clear that it is not a solution for everything. In particular, it would be a very bad idea to use node.js for content management systems. It would take too much efforts to write a CMS based in Node.js from scratch comparing to other mature CMS in PHP/Java/.Net/Python. Personally, I also feel Node.js is not suited for the standard CRUD apps yet. There is no big frameworks built on top of Node.js which give you features such as ORM for multiple databases, code generation, security handling, user management and...

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  • My movies list

    I have been watching lots of movies recently :)

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Average movie which tells a fantasy tale about famous American president (Abraham Lincoln ) as a vampire hunter. While the trailer looks very cool, the actual movie is not very action packed. I also feel it is not logical and it is too easy to defeat the vampires.

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    Great movie by Mel Gibson. Very good action/story line and superb acting by Gibson.

    Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

    Good and cheerful movie for kids and adults...

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