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  • Jaded

    It has been a long time since I last wrote something. Let's see. Recently I re-contracted and upgraded my phone to iPhone 6s which felt really nice. I have always love Apple product. The new phone is giving me plenty of distractions. I just cannot stop downloading things and try them out. Have to delete Football Manager as I cannot stop playing. Also hooked with text based games such as Lifeline , 80 days. I then go and try Silent Age and download a bunch of old-school visual novels from Winter Wolves.

    Ok, come back to work. I felt so...

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  • My app is number 1 and number 4 in Education and Entertainment category

    Wonder feeling :) First time reach the top Paid category for Singapore Education and Entertainment. In the same day :) I am so lucky

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  • Busy week

    This week is really a very busy week for me even though it is a self-directed learning week for the students :) I have a new batch of FYPJ students and waved goodbyes to the previous 3 groups. As a teacher, it is always good to hear some good feedbacks from your students and some also constructive criticism on how I should be more patient with them.

    Basically, I need to try to speak slower, clearer and keep calmer if I can. I think I already know that but it is just a bit difficult to relax or slow down when things are not going well. I...

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  • New semester

    A lot of stuff is going on this week. School has just re-opened for new and existing students :) For me, I am tutoring a new class on a new module which is quite different from the previous modules I have taught.

    It is also a busy time for the final year students. They need to present for their mid-terms. I have so many meetings this week :( Tomorrow another 2 meetings :(

    Enjoyed my holiday at Bali :) It was great! I love the Deva show at Nusa Dua theatre. It was very impressive on the first day we came. I also love the experience of...

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  • New School Semester

    New school semester just starts. I am glad to see new students after the short term break. My final year students are just having their mid term presentation. It is my first time doing presentation with overseas students. It can be quite a challenge for both the students and teachers :)

    I have some projects going on currently at work. I have learnt Windows 8 development with both Javascript and C#, XAML. Since I am a lot more experienced with HTML/CSS/Javascript, it found developing metro apps with Javascript much easier. However, C#,XAML...

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